Shaji Ahmed is a technologist with over 20 years of professional experience designing and developing computing experiences spanning the public and private sectors. His diverse experience enables him to provide practical guidance and advice across programs and for engineering matters at Code for Pakistan.

Much of his passion for civic tech stems from his love of technology, which began early. Growing up at the advent of personal computers and during the age of the internet provided him with every opportunity to explore, learn, and grow as a programmer and designer. He used this experience to build websites and computer animations for customers at a relatively young age.

Having worked on large-scale projects over the course of his career, Shaji has both the technical knowledge and the confidence to tackle ambitious ventures. He helped build the first computerized identity cards, machine-readable passports, and driving licenses in his native Pakistan. His work also involved building border-control systems, online payment systems, vehicle tracking systems, and more at the National Database and Registration Authority.

Following a study break in Malaysia, where he helped set up a virtual university, Shaji worked on several projects as a consultant for the UN and other multilateral donor agencies. He conducted a census of the Afghan refugees in Pakistan and evaluated several international aid programs. As the resident technologist, he gained first-hand experience in data management and analysis from some of the leading experts in the field.

Shaji has developed innovative customer experience and engagement products for local telecommunication companies and government departments. Utilizing his knowledge in data analysis and user experience design, he guided the teams on improving multiple customer engagement products and processes.

Shaji moonlights as Director of Engineering at AlphaX Decision Sciences, a US-based startup developing AI-assisted decision support systems for companies in the oil and energy sector. He has a background in Computing and Visual Effects for Film from schools in Pakistan and Malaysia. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.