Job Opening: Digital Transformation Officer

Job Opening: Digital Transformation Officer


Code for Pakistan is working with KPITB and the World Bank to set up Pakistan’s first Digital Services Unit (DSU) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP). KP’s Digital Services Unit is to lead the province of KP into the digital age with a focus on improving digital service design and delivery, and citizen-facing services. Under the general administrative direction of MD KPITB and the DSU steering/technical committee, the Digital Transformation Officer (DTO) will be overseeing the development and planned growth of the Digital Transformation Lab, run and managed by Code for Pakistan, under the KP Digital Services Unit.

The Digital Transformation Lab will partner with government departments to modernize digital services across the province. The goal of the DTL is to transform citizen-facing services that are more responsive to citizens’ needs. By leveraging technology and digital tools that are most suitable to solve a given problem, the DTL will keep citizen needs at the center of service design and delivery.

The Digital Transformation Officer will be primarily responsible for the implementation of the recommendations, recruitment, and development of needed staffing resources and interfacing with department heads and other managerial staff as new digital standards and templates are developed and piloted.

Major functions of this position include:

  • Provide strong, visionary leadership that helps transform the province service delivery in line with the goals set out in KPs Digital Strategy.
  • Work with key leaders across the province to establish service standards, exchange best practices, develop cross-government strategic direction, and deploy shared services.
  • Recruit, hire, train and manage a team that is viewed as the exemplar of highly skilled professionals dedicated to digital transformation.
  • Design and reshape KP’s digital services to be digital by default.
  • Build an agile development culture throughout the government that prioritizes continuous improvement, ensuring that the services are regularly analyzed, maintained, and improved.
  • Influence the development of a culture that embraces the spirit of digital throughout the province and its departments.
  • Provide reports to the higher leadership which measures the team’s success at implementing and further refining the goals and objectives set forth in the Digital Strategy; including recommendations for future resource allocation needs.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from a government recognized university in computer science, business administration, public policy, or a closely related field;  AND five (5) years of demonstrable, practical and progressive leadership experience at a senior level, in public or private sector, of delivering transformational change to business technologies and processes which deliver service improvements for customers which must include 3 years experience supervising professionals.

Desirable Qualifications 

  • Proven ability to develop excellent relationships, to manage a wide range of senior stakeholders and technical experts, and to coordinate the delivery of complex programs and policy approaches.
  • Proven ability to lead and develop a highly-skilled specialist technical development team, and introduce a dev/ops culture.
  • Multiple years of experience building a portfolio of user-centered digital products, including processes to maintain, review and improve services in the long term.
  • Demonstrated track record of applying modern product approaches including agile development, user-centered design, open-source development, automated testing and deployment, and working with cloud platforms.
  • Experience developing and implementing technology strategies and approaches, particularly within legacy IT environments.


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