Participants of the Karachi Civic Hackathon

Pakistan's first ever Civic Hackathon was organized in Karachi in April 2013 with the awesome help of T2F, P@SHA, and Pring, and the turnout, interest, and energy were unexpectedly high.

Our goal was to test the hypothesis that there was interest in civic hacking and boy, was that proven! The civic hackers were diverse in skill-sets community organizers, folks with ideas, software developers, designers, journalists, and even doctors! They came together with a tremendously positive energy of collaboration and of wanting to make their city better. There were no winners, and no prizes were offered, and they left deeply moved and wanting to continue civic hacking. The civic hackers came up with some very interesting solutions to common civic problems, and the event was a huge success overall.

Here are some resources we pulled together, that you might find useful in revisiting this event:

Blog Posts and Coverage

Check out the Tweets at #CivHackKHI to get an entire recap of the event!

It was really encouraging to see the interest in this event, which led to the formation of Code for Pakistan, and is leading to more civic hackathons this year.

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