KP Open Data Portal


Globally governments generate large amounts of data as a result of daily functionality. However, a large quantum of government data remains inaccessible to citizens, civil society and the government itself. Even though most of the data may be non-sensitive/ citizen-centric in nature and could be used by the public for social, economic and development purposes. In this context, available government datasets can be of economic and social value to society as a whole. Along those lines, countries are developing policies to release this data as Open (Government) Data.

In 2019 CfP partnered with the Performance Management & Reforms Unit (PMRU) to draft the country’s first open data strategy & develop a provincial level open data portal for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The goal behind the open data strategy was to standardise data collection processes & enforce 32 provincial departments & 36 district administration offices to publicly share their data on the Open Data Portal. 

The KP Open Data Portal has been developed using CKAN which is a widely used tool for developing and managing open data portals around the world. CKAN provides the facility to create and manage users and organisations. Germany, France and Sweden are some of the countries who have developed open data portals using CKAN.

The KP Open Data Portal has over 6000 datasets ready to consume and provides an interface for government departments to upload their datasets and manage the versions of datasets themselves. Moreover, the data is available in different categories and topics to ease the access for developers and normal users.