In 2017, Water & Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) Services and Code for Pakistan’s KP Government Innovation Fellows developed a software solution by the name of , “Safa Pekhawar”, (meaning clean Peshawar) to improve WSSP’s service delivery. The application was initially pitched as a tool to gamify the garbage collection process by encouraging citizens to get involved. We had modeled it on Code for America’s “Adopt a Hydrant” application, but quickly learnt that replicating it in a different social context in Pakistan was not going to work. So, we pivoted and redesigned “Safa Pekhawar” as a complaint redressal system which enables citizens to engage with WSSP to lodge complaints. This iteration of the app was perceived by citizens more as holding the government accountable, rather than as doing the government's job for them. Since the app’s launch, user experience for citizens interacting with WSSP has improved considerably, and the department also actively manages and maintains the app since it is being used by thousands of users in KP.

The app is a great candidate for replication especially for municipality service providers across the globe.