The Volunteer Tourism initiative for the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) province of Pakistan is a project developed under the GB Government Innovation Fellowship Program, aimed at promoting volunteer tourism both within Pakistan and on an international scale. The initiative facilitates the engagement of volunteer tourists who want to visit GB to contribute their time and expertise to various volunteer activities.

The project aims to advance tourism in GB while simultaneously creating a social impact. It harnesses the power of volunteerism to address critical needs in areas such as education, health, social welfare, and research. By doing so, the initiative seeks to enhance the overall well-being of the communities nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Gilgit-Baltistan.


  1. Promote Volunteer TourismCreating awareness and facilitating volunteer tourism opportunities in GB, thereby exploring new revenue streams. Encouraging individuals both locally and internationally to engage in meaningful volunteer work while gaining familiarity with the real culture and experiences of the area.
  2. Multi-Domain Engagement: Establishing volunteer programs in the domains of Education, IT, Health, Social Welfare, and Research to cater to diverse volunteer interests and skills. The initial focus of the platform will be primarily on Education. 
  3. Community Development: Contributing to the sustainable development of GB communities by addressing essential needs and fostering collaboration between volunteers and local stakeholders.


The project identifies three key locations within Gilgit-Baltistan where there is a need for volunteer support.

  1. Ghizer: Ghizer, located in the westernmost part of GB, offers a unique cultural and natural landscape. Volunteers here can contribute to education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives.
  2. Skardu: Nestled amidst the majestic Karakoram Range, Skardu provides opportunities for volunteers to engage in healthcare, education, and research projects while enjoying its breathtaking scenery.
  3. Hunza: Known for its stunning vistas and vibrant culture, Hunza is an ideal location for volunteer programs focused on education, IT, and social welfare

Pilot of the Program

The Volunteer Tourism platform's pilot was initiated in December 2023, attracting nearly 100 applications from across the country. Following a detailed screening process, four volunteers were selected to visit Hunza and Skardu, two districts in GB.

During their visit, the volunteers conducted numerous training sessions in five schools, including:

  1. Boys High School Karimabad Hunza
  2. Girls High School Karimabad Hunza
  3. Boys Middle School Nangsoq Olding Skardu
  4. Model Middle School Satellite Town Skardu (Co-ed)
  5. Girls High School Haji Gam Skardu

The volunteers provided training to 400+ students, spanning from class 1 to 10, covering subjects such as English, Math, Leadership Skills, Career Counselling, and Arts and Crafts. Additionally, they conducted sessions for 28 teachers, focusing on pedagogy and IT skills. This initiative aimed to enhance the educational experience in these schools and contribute to the holistic development of students and educators alike.