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Say Hello to my new friend!

The constitution of Pakistan has had a presence in my home for three generations now. Among stacks of books, a green book, an amended version of the green book, and yet another one made its way to our shelves over the years. The idea that we have laws, whether implemented or not ( a story for another day), was a good enough reason for the Constitution's presence on our bookshelf. 

1 March 2024

Tech Camp 2023: Pakistani Youth Innovate for Climate Change

Pakistani youth came together to build creative solutions that contribute to Climate Action

FloodLight & The Power of Community

A story of innovative technology unveiling the power of community

Web 3.0 and Participatory Government in Pakistan

Discussion centered on positive impact of Web 3.0 on private sector

3 Open Source Apps You Wish You Knew About!

Highlighting open source applications developed by our 6th Cycle Fellows

A Journey Towards the Extraordinary

KP Women Intern Hajira Asad shares her inspiring journey of passion and resilience.

The Change Maker

Journey of a dynamic IT officer who transformed Livestock & Dairy department during a pandemic

Najeebullah - Transforming KP through technology

How an IT Whiz from Waziristan Is Using His Skills to Transform KP Through Technology

Bridge the Gap Between Citizens & Government!

5 Ways Code for Pakistan’s KP Fellows Bridge the Gap Between Citizens & Government!

Interview with Asad Aftab

Asad Aftab belongs to the best guava producing city of Pakistan - Kohat