JOB OPENING: Sindh Fellowship Project Manager | Code for Pakistan

JOB OPENING: Sindh Civic Innovation Fellowship Project Manager

JOB OPENING: Sindh Civic Innovation Fellowship Project Manager

Think about your last time stuck in traffic — or at NADRA getting your National ID Card renewed… Ever had to go to the police station? Visited a ghost government school? What about spending untold hours with no electricity thanks to load-shedding?

No one wants to spend countless hours in traffic or wait in that interminable CNG line. Or pretty much have anything to do with public services, if they can help it. What if interacting with public services wasn’t so painful? What if every trip was a positive, easy experience?

Enter the world of civic hacking. The good kind of hacking. It’s the empowerment of citizens to create solutions themselves. It goes hand-in-hand with Government 2.0.


Code for Pakistan is a Civic Innovation Platform made up of a passionate community of talented professionals and students in Pakistan and the US, driven by a strong belief in civic innovation and social impact that can move Pakistan forward in measurable and meaningful ways. We are working on programs that will help put Pakistan on the map as a Civic Innovation Hub. Code for Pakistan is currently running a Fellowship Program in its second year in partnership with the KPITB and World Bank (Peshawar), 2 Civic Innovation Labs (Islamabad and Lahore) that are accelerating product creation, 2 college internship programs (Islamabad and Karachi) that are working on projects in collaboration with govt and other civil society organizations, and has completed 4 Civic Hackathons (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad), which have led to startups like Savaree. We are looking for an excellent Innovation Lead to create and cultivate organizational structure and process, extend the reach of our programs, organize 3-day multi-city Hackathons each year, launch an Open Data initiative, drive documentation, and create innovative and measurable new programs of your own that seek to inspire participation in civic hacking and innovation in government services.


This is a full-time, high energy, paid leadership position, ideally based in Karachi.

The ideal candidate is an organized DOER – brilliant, fearless, and a passionate leader who is uncompromising in his or her pursuit of building a world-class platform that will positively affect the lives of Pakistanis every day.

As the Code for Pakistan Sindh Civic Innovation Fellowship ManagerProject Manager, you will:

  • Harness the power of people and technology to create and build a stronger government that empowers all its citizens to become valuable contributing members of society.
  • Establish policies and processes for online community management best practices across the organization, and implement infrastructure to support those policies and processes.
  • Create and drive our new initiatives, including Open Data, Open Government, and Product Traction, among others.
  • Develop systems to track and report on key program metrics including growth, participation levels, volunteer satisfaction, and impact.
  • Help craft organizational messaging, and ensure consistency in language, stories, and messaging in all communications.
  • Create and develop content and stories for email marketing, website, press releases, blogs, slide decks, and other collateral.
  • Build partnerships with local government agencies and learn how the government works (or why it doesn’t work!).
  • Be an active member of the global Code for All network, contributing learnings and best practices to the global community.
  • Apply our product acceleration process to guide projects forward, measuring impact, and leveraging the untapped potential of technology in the public sector.
  • Work with an amazing network of technology entrepreneurs, government officials, academia, and social impact organizations — such as P@SHA, Invest2Innovate, LUMS, NUST, OPEN, and Knowledge City.
  • Have tremendous social impact on the lives of your fellow citizens by implementing high impact programs.
  • Along the way, you’ll learn highly desirable skills in community organization, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the application of technology towards solving important civic problems.


  • Strong communication skills: Able to meet with government, private sector, non-profit, and community leaderships — and make a good pitch.
  • Self-directed: Able to make decisions on your own, to proactively drive programs forward.
  • Self-motivated: You set your own targets and follow up with others to ensure their targets are met.
  • Solid organization skills: You create processes and document *everything*.
  • Impact-driven: You have a strong desire and passion to make an impact in Pakistani society.
  • You get things done and have consistently proven so. You’re an entrepreneurial startup kind of person who can wear multiple hats.
  • You can shape organizational processes, manage and motivate volunteers, and create accountability.
  • Tech savvy: You have a demonstrated interest and experience in the application of technology for solving real-world problems, though you don’t need to be technical yourself.
  • Proactive and focused: You’re the kind of person who, once you say you will do something, you will do it on time and well – and no one needs to follow up to remind you.


  • 2+ years of experience of delivering stellar coordination of programs.
  • Experience working with and building relationships with government agencies.
  • Exposure to and understanding of design thinking, innovation, product development, and creative cultures is a plus!
  • Community engagement and involvement, or volunteering experience.
  • Creativity. People remember your ideas because of their uniqueness.


Please apply with:

  • a detailed letter that explains your interest in the role and your ideas for furthering Code for Pakistan,
  • your resume, and
  • a link to your LinkedIn profile

by emailing

Product Manager