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JOB OPENING: Open Data Tech Lead

JOB OPENING: Open Data Tech Lead

Code for Pakistan hiring an “Open Data Tech Lead” who can develop prototypes and is excited about the use of open data to develop citizen facing apps and solutions.


  • Must have solid engineering backend skills.
  • Must have experience in designing and prototyping consumable APIs e.g. for mobile applications.
  • Evangelising APIfication of services a particular government agency is providing.
  • Be passionate about Open Source.
  • Be ready to become a community leader e.g. ICT4D community or Open Data community etc.
  • Need to be able to travel. We intend to send the person to South Africa for one month to be part of an international team working on a project called “Data Quest” by OpenUp.
  • Should have at least 3 years of experience (ideally is 5).
  • Should be able to occasionally blog about the cool things in Open Data space the person is doing (or is done elsewhere). [and yes we have technical writers to help the person on this]

If you are interested, please send resumes NOW to and in your email body mention why we should hire you (in line with points mentioned above).

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