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Interview with Aizaz Ahmad

Interview with Aizaz Ahmad

1) What is your brief introduction?

I am a user experience engineer and user interface designer. I’ve completed my bachelors in Computer Science, but my interests range far and wide. I’ve been passionately involved in creative endeavors since I was very young. Science has always been a big part of my life but I still feel that I am only scratching the surface. I’m also a passionate tech geek gradually working towards making my mark in the digital world.


2) So did you join the computer field?

I have always been a science and tech enthusiast and wanted to excel in this field. I believed that joining the computer field would allow me to utilize my creativity in a broad range of computer science fields, be it about creating an algorithmic solution, solving a programming problem or even improving the user experience by enhancing interactions and interfaces.


3) What are your skills?

I’ve pioneered UX/UI, interaction design, product branding, usability protocols, rapid prototyping and information architecture, affinity diagram using software tools and techniques including Photoshop, Illustrator, Wireframes, Axure RP, Mockflow, InVision, After Effects, JustInMind, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Visio and Muse. I have a working knowledge of front-end development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and mobile app development including Android.


4) How did you get inclined towards the designing field and how can you polish it further?

I believe that robust programming and efficient algorithms are important for any software, but they mean nothing if the user is not able to interact with the same system easily. User Experience improvement is the biggest investment that a stakeholder makes in a software project.


5) What interests you the most in designing?

Interface designing and Interactions.


6) Have you worked with any big local brand?

Yes, I’ve worked for several local clients including Berger Paints, CECOS University and Deltacron.


7) How was your experience with Berger?

The target was to generate a researched and engineered user experience model and interface for properly utilizing the Augmented Reality features of the app. It was quite an interesting project primarily because it challenged my existing knowledge and skills.

I’ve experienced optimizing user engagement Berger Paints, instituting a user-centered design (UCD) approach with strong emotional appeal, hence, improving UX through quantitative/qualitative research with intuitive navigation to maximize user engagement. The end results were highly appreciated by the company administration.


8) What unique hobbies do you have?

I’m a science and tech enthusiast and I like to study and research on emerging technological advancements happening in the space and tech industry. I also like to stay updated about the emerging startups and businesses in the tech world. Besides that, in my rare spare time, I take the role of an amateur photographer.


9) Why did you apply for this program?

I believe that through civic innovation citizens can productively work with government by engaging a community of designers, developers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Through this community engagement, together we can tackle city-wide challenges while connecting the civic tech community with experts in government and use open data to create long-lasting and innovative solutions. I think that this platform is the best place in Pakistan to start with, if you have similar interests as me.


10) Where were you working before joining the Fellowship program?

I was working at Sweet Pixel Studio as a User Experience Engineer before applying for the Fellowship program.


11) Can you share your future plan after leaving this program?

I look forward to building a functional system which could generate more jobs and consequently, reduce the unemployment levels in our country.


12) What will you do with 10 laptops having designing tools installed, if you had the opportunity to utilize them anywhere?

Since most of the creative youngsters in Pakistan don’t get suitable opportunities and/or proper mentorship to start with and discover their talents, I would hire those passionate people with similar vision, train them and let them practice so that they can achieve their goals. Through this, new talents and ideas could also be discovered.


13) Please share your learnings with your friends and colleagues?

  • There are a lot of designing tools and products out there so make sure you pick the good ones and excel in them. Avoid the bad ones so you don’t start bearing their flaws.
  • For software development, designing and development go hand in hand and to improve your value, you have to learn coding. Start with JavaScript as it is a super easy target right now because you can write Web Applications and Native Mobile applications in it. And also, speaking in developers’ language could save your developer friend a lot of time and frustration. Being confident in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a great start and definitely a handy tool.
  • Keep the mindset of being a beginner even when you’re at mastery level.
  • Look for a mentor and don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Don’t get degraded by judgments and criticism- always remember that your design can be bad, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad designer.

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