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Interview with Kashif Ahmad

Interview with Kashif Ahmad

Q: Kashif tell us about yourself.

A: I was born in Charsadda, KP. I received my primary education from a government school in Charsadda. I was not a best fit in the traditional education system but was creative and a technology enthusiast since my childhood. I started learning basic technologies like MS Office and Paint myself when I got my first PC which only had 6GB of hard drive.

Q: You seem to be a reserved person, your childhood must be an exception, why so?

A: Agree, I am kind of an introvert and a reserved person who loves to sit in front of his PC and code. I prefer to talk less and learn more by listening and observing whatever is happening around me. On the other hand, which might be a surprise for the readers, I like to be in the company of more expressive and talkative people.

Q: Mr Kashif where did all start, your journey towards Computer Science?

A: As I mentioned earlier I was a intrigued by computers from my childhood which was the main reason why I chose to apply for a Computer Science degree in the University of Peshawar. Unfortunately I couldn't continue my education due to lack of resources, but I did not give up and applied for the same degree through the National ICT R&D Fund and got a scholarship. During my studies I kept an eye on new programing technologies and chose android app development when I was in my 5th semester. Later on I used the same stack to develop my final year project.

Q: You worked as an Android Developer with The Nerd Camp before the KP Fellowship Program, how was your experience there?

A: Working with The Nerd Camp as an Android Developer was a big boost for my career. Being in that proficient working environment, I was trained and mentored professionally and it provided a platform for me to polish my skills further. I should state that it was The Nerd Camp where my skills grew to a level from where I could proudly consider myself a professional android developer.

Q: Was the Fellowship Program something that you knew that you wanted to join, or it just happened and it fit?

A: No, it didn't simply happen. I was following the Fellowship Program very closely since 2014. I knew a couple of seniors who were Fellows themselves and they motivated me to join the program. I had been interviewed in 2015 for this program but unfortunately I was not selected. Instead of giving up, I kept on improving my skills and here I am now.

Q: How has your journey been so far? Was it what you expected?

A: I found this Fellowship Program more challenging than I had anticipated. Consistently bringing something new to learn and pushing us to our limits, working with government, making our city smarter and networking with the techies around- its an all in one package.

Q: So apart from Android Development, how do you make the best of your free time?

A: Apart from programing, I am training myself to become a better administrator/manager giving my organization a 100% in maintaining a decent business. I am also very fond of computer games as it enables one to think imaginatively.

Q: We have heard you are really good in playing cricket. What were your feelings when your whole Fellowship team was knocked out at just 6 runs by your opponent, specifically the Program Manager, in a friendly match at Code for Pakistan?

A: Yes, that's right we got out on having only 6 runs on the board but that's what this game is about, you have good and bad days and you learn continuously. Talking about the good days, once I scored 26 runs in a single over against the same team and the same bowler, the Program Manager.

Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: Well, that’s a huge list- by nature I am a very calm person. I can alter myself to meet any undesirable condition. By calling and in actuality by enthusiasm, I am a pleased Android Engineer and love to code the world.
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