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Interview with Nazim ud Din

Interview with Nazim ud Din

Q: Nazim tell us about yourself. What was your childhood like?

A: I was born in Peshawar, the city of flowers. I am very proud of my father and especially my mother. She never attended school but was very visionary. She is the first woman in our family who stood for her children and admitted them in a private school against the wishes of an influential senior member of our family. Whenever I write a single line of code or anything else, it is a tribute to my mother. My father is a government servant and most of the time he was posted out of our hometown; so our mother kept an eye on us and now she is a proud mother of a doctor, two engineers and a lawyer.

Prince of Persia was my first interaction with a computer. It is an interesting story of when I was in class 6, our computer teacher took a surprise quiz, I answered her questions correctly and as a reward she allowed me to play Prince of Persia. The funny thing was that I did not know how to use the keyboard and play it.     


Q: You graduated from UET in Computer System Engineering, was it all by your choice?

A: I had limited options due to my intermediate education. I found computer programming related courses logical and interesting and opted for this field. Since then I developed softwares and started analyzing systems which helped me set the tone for my career as a software developer.


Q: You have worked in both the public and private sector. How was experience with them? Would you prefer to work with the public or private sector in the future?

A: It was a good experience working with both the public and private sectors. Talking about my preference, it totally depends on the position/post that is being offered. From my perspective one can work in both public and private sectors, it depends on how autonomous you are in implementing a project.


Q: How do you think we can improve government services through technology?

A: Firstly, a huge change of mindset. In many government departments, employees try to avoid and impede using technology.

Secondly, training. IT staff working in government sector is being misused to a great extent. They work under non IT superiors, who mostly involve them in management and administration work. This leads to a very non productive environment and hence they are not able to focus . Thus it is very important to update IT skills of the staff.


Q: How would you explicitly describe your role in the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program?

A: I am enjoying different roles, I am working as a database designer and developer, analyst and team lead. I am working with a very bright and brilliant team. Our project is also very interesting and we have been learning a lot in developing this project. It is a challenge that has a constant learning curve attached to it. We have not only been learning from our own project, our other colleagues are also developing very exciting apps and during our discussions we explore many new techniques which are unknown to me.   


Q: What role have the Fellows/mentors played here in shaping you?

A: I have learned about new tools and technologies from my Fellows and mentors. This is the beauty of software development, one can be a mentor and a mentee simultaneously. My knowledge on MVC Asp.Net was very limited but now I can develop applications using Asp.Net MVC.  


Q: Since the beginning of your career, what are some of your proudest projects?

A: Complaint Management System (Police Access Service) KP Police: This was the first project which actually facilitated public, and credit goes to the NSD (my previous employer) and KP Police for implementing and facilitating that project. is another idea I have been working on and its initial prototype is ready. Proudest thing about this project is that I had an idea and then I materialized it. Now I am working on improving and marketing it.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Software Entrepreneur, I love working on new ideas. I want to explore and work more on the ideas that I have.


Q: What issues you are more passionate about?

A: Social and political issues. We as a nation are facing multiple challenges, we need a very strong and capable leadership. Our social and political structure is not producing the leadership our nation needs. It means that we have to bring reforms in the current structure to sort out these issues. We don’t need leaders for 5 years only, we need to think beyond that and for this social and political reforms are indispensable.  


Q: What is your greatest accomplishment?

A: I think I have not accomplished anything great yet. Whenever I do, you will definitely know about it.

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