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Interview with Usman Ali Khan

Interview with Usman Ali Khan

Q: How was your childhood? Were you an obedient child or did you create trouble?

A: My childhood was full of fun and laughter. Teasing others was my favourite hobby, well thats what kids do. My father was summoned to my school once a month because of all the trouble I used to get myself into!

Everything is perceived differently when you’re a child; the trees are higher, the colors are brighter and every new day is more interesting than the last. Even more importantly, some things happen to us or in our surroundings that stay in our memory for a long time — in fact, sometimes they end up staying with us forever. I spent my whole childhood wishing to be older and now I’m spending my adulthood wishing to be young again.


Q: We all had fun moments being a child. Can you narrate a funny childhood story to us?

A: When I was a child, I was often sent to the store to buy things. I’d always forget to buy something and would be sent back to the store again. I wanted to make sure that the sales assistant didn’t get the impression that I was a foolish boy with a bad memory. So, I would turn my jacket inside out, change my hairstyle, put on a different facial expression and speak in a lowered voice.


Q: You were and still are fond of joining the Armed Forces. Does your family have an armed forces background or do you aspire to be a part of it on your own?

A: Yes, my grandfather was part of the British Army during World War II and was arrested by the Germans. He was imprisoned there for 2 years. My father and all of his three brothers and my brother too is serving in the Pakistan Air Force. So you can say that all the inspiration comes from within the family.


Q: Considering your aspirations for Pak Army, you must have applied there? How did it go?

A: Yes, I applied twice to join the army. The first time I applied was after completing my intermediate education and the second time was after my graduation. Unfortunately both the times I was not recommended by the Inter Services Selection Board.


Q: After your first unsuccessful attempt, you applied for undergraduation in computer science in Hazara University. How was your experience there?

A: I have always been  fond of new technologies and obviously computer programming is on top of that list . From my early childhood, I liked to play computer games and spent most of my time with the computer. So, I think that is the reason I selected Computer Science as a major during my bachelors.


Q: We came to know that you are also Black Belt in Kung Fu? How did you achieve this?

A: I am a Martial Arts (Kung-Fu) player and trained to become one for almost 8 years(2008-16). I have won several medals and awards in national tournaments. Currently, I am a member of the Martial Arts Association and also the Association Camp Instructor. We recently organized Camp Training for all Martial Arts players of Pakistan.


Q: What made you join the Fellowship Program? And what role has it played in fulfilling your professional aspirations?

A: The positive atmosphere of the Fellowship Program is noticeable at all levels. To me everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole program. I joined the Fellowship Program because I believed that the quality of my life would significantly improve and it would allow me to fulfil my desire to continue my professional career.


Q: How do you think this Program is reshaping your future?

A: Being a part of this Fellowship Program, I experienced first-hand how great the work environment really is. In addition to it the atmosphere, mentorship, exposure and additional learning have helped me realize my potential and groomed me further as a professional.


Q: If Usman Ali Khan had been an Army Personal, what rank would he be possessing right now?

A: Hmmm good question. My college friends Waqas, Ali and I applied together for the PMA Short Course and they both get selected and now they are at the rank of Major. So, I guess, looking at my friends’ current rank,  I would have been possessing the same rank by now.


Q: Anything you would like say about your team or would you like to give a message to the readers?

A: Well, I would like to appreciate my team here with this single sentence, “The best team, cooperative and hardworking”.

My message for readers is, always continue to explore new ways to engage yourself. Find out new methods of diving into creative conversations and showcase groundbreaking work while having some fun in life also.


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