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Interview with Usman Jalal

Interview with Usman Jalal


Q1. Tell about yourself briefly? What is the reason for your interest in the KP Fellowship Program?

Ans. I belong to the village Ziarat Kakasahib, a suburb of Nowshera. I have Bachelor’s degree in Economics. During my study I learned a few computer skills and attended different seminars & lectures about innovation and specifically innovation for the betterment of society. I found the environment here to be the best for my ideas where we brainstorm and generate ideas for solving civic problems.

Q2. What prompted you to apply for this Fellowship? What interested you the most about this job?

Ans. Well, while scrolling through the internet I found an online form where in the title it was written Civic Innovation, that was enough for my interest. The most interesting thing about this job is, it didn’t matter for me to have an irrelevant degree. It made the most of my skills & ideas for the betterment of society.


Q3. What kind of personality do you work best with and why?

Ans. I work best with a person who recognizes his responsibilities and completes his tasks on time. Sitting beside a person who delays his work without any reason irritates me the most, but here in the Fellowship all of my colleagues are thorough professionals which is the reason for our optimal performance.

Q4. What is vision of your life?

Ans. My vision is providing ethical alternatives of the present through the creation of entertaining materials for our society in the form of podcasts and featured films.


Q5. Tell one thing about yourself that Fellows might not know about you?

Ans. Fellows don’t know many things about me, one of which is that if someone talks to me about something and I smile in response, that doesn’t mean that I agree with whatever is being said. On the other hand if someone says something and I start reasoning with them, that certainly doesn’t mean I disagree with what is being discussed.


Q6. What kind of issues is our country is facing right now? What experience have you had with it?

Ans. The most important issue I think is our education system. Just like every plant cannot grow everywhere you plant it, in the same manner, every education system is made for a specific society and environment. Importing the western education system and planting it here is not producing what the education system is producing in the west. We need an education system with a syllabus for the rich and the poor. In the present situation KP has a different syllabus than other provinces. KP is promoting their own legends in books while Sindh promotes their own and same is the situation with other provinces. We can never be one nation if the curriculum is not uniform throughout the country.


Q7. If you could have a free year right now, where you could do anything, what would you do?

Ans. I will stay 2 months in Makkah, 2 months in Madina, 4 months in Hollywood and then will come back to Pakistan and spend the last 4 months making an ethical entertaining short film.


Q8. What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?

Ans. I don’t have anything in my mind at present as the greatest failure. Every mistake made me better from the past. Hence I can’t mark such mistakes as failures. Instead these mistakes saved me from big failures.


Q9. List five words that describe your character?

Ans. Innovation, ideator, lucky, cool minded and an introvert.


Q10. If you could choose one hero, who would it be and why?

Ans. For all Muslims there is one hero, our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He was the best mentor ever in the world. He trained the best entrepreneurs, innovators, project managers, army generals and leaders of the time.


Q11. Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

Ans. A producer, knocking out unethical films. It is my dream job.


Q12. Do you have an investment for this?

Ans. Well, not yet. But I don’t think it requires an investment. It requires a good team, which I hope to find soon. I will just be providing an idea and proving its demand to the present DOPs. They make what is in demand.


Q13. Is there any inspirational personality, whether in your field or outside in your career who really made a difference to your life?

Ans. From a young age I was in search of a person who can guide me in religion as well as in tech. In 2012 I met my mentor Mufti Syed Adnan Kakakhail who turned my life around. He guided me to a path where I found my vision of life. He didn’t let me go to any extreme of being a religious person or vice versa. Instead he taught me balance in life and I would definitely take this opportunity to recommend him to anyone who is seeking a non-political, non-sectarian mentor.


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