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KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018

KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018

The KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program, which began with 46 candidate applications,12 Fellows and a handful of mentors in 2014 has far exceeded our expectations! The Program — initiated by Code for Pakistan in partnership with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) and The World Bank — has scaled exponentially in capacity and reach over the past 4 years.

What's new?

Whenever we think about the essence of the Fellowship Program it ultimately brings us back to one important factor - innovating from inside the government. This made us rebrand the Fellowship Program from the “Civic Innovation Fellowship Program” to the “Government Innovation Fellowship Program”.


Revamped workspace
Just as we like to try and push the boundaries with our work, we have also pushed the boundaries of the workspace. Durshal’s Government Innovation Lab has been relocated and is now bigger and better! Situated right next to the Durshal Community Innovation Lab, the Fellows will also get a chance to interact with the emerging startups from KP.

We received 5,802 applications from tech enthusiasts across Pakistan to join the program. It took us more than a month to screen the applications and select the final 20 Fellows. The energy and will of participation was fantastic; some applicants said they were waiting for years to join the program!


Government Participation
As we develop more services and applications under the Fellowship Program, we have observed increased interest and engagement from government departments. For the upcoming batch, more than 50 departments showed interest in working with us and more than 30 departments sent us written problem statements.

Problem statements:

  • KP Traffic Police + Local Government Department (Digital Services Unit Team) - With the goal of sustaining and scaling the applications in the long-run, one of the Fellowship teams this year will be working on two of the previously implemented projects (2017 Fellowship cycle) with the Traffic Department (RAABTA app) and the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (Safa Pekhawar app). Both of the complaint systems had previously been deployed to operate only in Peshawar. With increased activity and interest from the departments, both of these applications are now to be scaled to a provincial level. The extension of RAABTA and Safa Pekhawar applications across KP will enable each district to have its own dashboard, listing and addressing the complaints filed by the public.
  • Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Human rights violations are common in Pakistan but are rarely reported and followed up. The department has requested the development of a digital application through which the public will be able to report any human rights violations in their surroundings, thereby connecting them with the higher authorities and making it easier to report issues. The concerned authorities will be responsible for addressing these complaints.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bureau of Statistics (KPBOS) - is a provincial statistical organization and an attached wing of Planning & Development department mandated to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate official statistics relating to economic, social, demographic and other important dimensions. Its aim is to provide timely and good quality data to facilitate data users especially in context of quantitative analysis, informed decision-making, evidence-based planning, monitoring & evaluation, and research. This main purpose of this project is to improve the data accessibility for the public.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools - Private School Regulatory Authority (PSRA) is working as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department. Their main objective is to achieve uniform academic standards and evaluation among private educational institutions and support them in providing quality education, including capacity building of teachers.The department has requested the development of a complaint system which will facilitate parents, guardians, caretakers of students and teachers belonging to private schools and enable the department to register and address the complaints, thereby ensuring that private schools are regulated and monitored effectively.
  • Auqaf, Hajj, Religious and Minority Affairs Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - This department is responsible for dispersing funds amongst minorities in the form of grants. These grants are divided into different categories: e.g. widow grant, scholarship for minority students, marriage grants, etc. Currently, the applicants from all across KP have to visit the department, manually fill the application and submit it to the department. To facilitate the public, the department has requested a web solution where applicants can apply for these grants online and where the status of these grants can be monitored online.
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority - KPRA is a newly established authority with the mandate to collect sales tax on services in KP. This department has requested an Electronic Invoice Management System and Generic Point of Sale software which will be used by different small and medium businesses in Peshawar. This software will particularly reduce the technical barriers between the business owners and their monitoring procedures of their profit and loss, computerizing their cash flows, inventory details and sales and purchases and also enable the department to monitor the taxes being paid by the consumers.
  • Excise and Taxation Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - One of the responsibilities of the Excise and Taxation Department is to seize and confiscate non registered and tempered vehicles. There are a lot of malpractices involved while confiscating and handing over the vehicle to the government warehouse. The department has requested the development of a system through which excise inspectors and public can report seizure information. In this way, the department’s central management will be able to know the no. of vehicles reported and about their condition upon arrival in the warehouse. This project would result in transparency and accountability of the Excise Department.
This year we decided to increase the capacity of the Fellowship Program. With the same amount of Fellows putting in the same number of hours and the program running for the same duration, we will be collaborating with 8 different departments instead of the usual 5. Our Fellows have shown that they are fully capable of accepting, facing and completing this challenge in time. A list of these highly motivated Fellows is as under:

Anmol Irfan

Project Team: KP Excise and Taxation

Anmol was born in Peshawar and she graduated as a Gold Medalist with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Peshawar in 2016. Her final year project was based on the ride-sharing mobile application which was a very unique venture. Currently, she is pursuing her Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar. She worked as an internee in Precise Technologies which gave her a chance to polish her `graphics designing skills. Later on, she offered her services as a senior graphics designer in BSOFT( brains software enterprise) and was selected for USAID’s Women Empowerment Internship Program in IT Sector. Anmol offered her services while working with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority for different disaster campaigns which developed her interest in the concept of civic innovation. She loves her freelancing career and enjoys working with foreign clients. With the academic background in computer sciences and having a digital mindset, she likes to keep herself updated with the new technologies, tools and trends. Apart from technical interests, she loves to read and spends her leisure time with friends and having healthy interactions through social media.

Bilal Ahmad

Project Team: Directorate of Human Rights, KP

Bilal was born and raised in Peshawar. He completed his Master's Degree in Computer Science from Islamia University Peshawar in 2016. Later on, he started working as Graphic Designer at iFast Solutions in IT Park Deans Peshawar. In January 2017 he started his journey as an internee recruited by KPIT Board Internship program at iFast as a Graphic Designer. After that completed PSEB apprenticeship with RAR Multibiz Services. His outclass performance made the company award him a stipend and hired him as a regular UI/UX Designer. His work history includes his services with many Government Projects Such as Peshawar Police App, SECP SDMS App, Rescue 1122 App and many others. He also worked in various freelance Projects. Besides his interest in Graphic Designing he is also fond of E-Gaming and being a professional gamer, he won many gaming Competition held in Islamia University. Bilal loves Photography and is much involved in learning the Islamic History. He has recently been selected as a Fellow in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program and is working as a UI/UX designer for the development of an application to counter Human Rights trafficking.

Bilal Sabir

Project Team: DSU

Bilal Sabir belongs to Peshawar and is a graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from City University Peshawar. Way before he could attend his graduation ceremony, he was chosen to be a part of a project of designing an application for the alumni association which made him get awarded for the “Best Alumni Performance” award by the administration of City University. His technical expertise in the field of Android application development is remarkable. His skills made him deploy GIS Survey application to Islamabad metropolitan authority which collects information associated with food stalk/market/restaurants. Due to his hard work and skills, he has got a great following at fiver and works for several foreign clients. Apart from the technical background, Bilal is a hardcore gamer. He is currently recruited as a fellow by Code for Pakistan and is working on the projects of KP Traffic Department and WSSP.

Bilawal bin Khalid

Project Team: KP Bureau of Statistics

Bilawal bin Khalid belongs to Karak. He did his bachelors in Software Engineering and graduated From UET Peshawar. He is having an inclusive experience of 1.5 years in Web Development. He completed his period of internship at KPIT BOARD and then started working in a software house named as TechTrack. Bilawal is a music lover and his favorite singer is Sonu Nigam. Bilawal is a foodie and is always in search of fast food. He is passionate to explore new things which bear his love for tech!. He loves to play cricket in his spare time. Bilawal is a Fellow in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018 and is working on the KPBOS project to facilitate the data outreach for the people of KP.

Imdad Ullah

Project Team: Directorate of Human Rights, KP

Imdad Ullah belongs to lower Dir and he graduated from Abasyn University as a software engineer in 2017. His expertise are hooked up in Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery Php MySQL and Codeigniter. Imdad has some really excellent design and coding skills, as well as an ability to vert client requirements into applications. He is working as a freelance full stack developer and enjoys dealing with clients all over the world. His love and passion for cricket cannot be defined and his leisure time is followed by playing cricket with his friends. He recently started his journey as a fellow in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship program to work on private school regulation authority and human rights trafficking projects.

Irfan Khan

Project Team: KPRA

Irfan Khan belongs to Swat. He earned his bachelor's degree from Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar in the field of Software Engineering. Currently, he is doing his Masters in Computer Science from the same institute. He is .Net Developer as well as a Motivational Speaker. Irfan is also serving as a mentor in IM Computing and innovation society. He has worked in different software houses from Government as well as Private sectors. Apart from this Irfan loves to watch cricket and spends his leisure time in watching seasons. Irfan has started his fellowship in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018 and is currently working as .Net Developer.

Marina Khan

Project Team: KP Bureau of Statistics

Marina hails from the city of flowers- Peshawar and like her name she has got completely diversified interests from her educational background. She is a Chemical Engineer by profession and pursuing her master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering. She is a certified DEL expert in English Language. Marina is an International Exchange Alumna of SUSI- Study of US Institutes Program for Women's Leadership Institute graduated from the University of Kansas as a women leader and, serving as the cultural ambassador of US Department of State and Russian Clan Leader for Pakistan. She has been declared as the Global Exchange Ambassador of KP for the year 2018. Marina started writing by the age of 11 when her first poem was published by Colgate’s Bright Smile program. She has worked as a content writer with various national and international organizations including USAID and German Red Cross. She has been actively involved in the social sector from last 7 years where she worked for women empowerment and STEM for women in KP. Her passion to solve community problems make her get involved in civic innovation through different projects. Her life cycle revolves around a slogan she always uses: “Learn! Educate! & Motivate! ”. Marina is a handmade jewelry designer which made her capable of leading her own startup. She loves cooking and she is a traveler by soul, and that is why her friends call her “ Peripatetic- A lost wanderer”. Marina recently started working under Code for Pakistan as a fellow in Government Innovation Lab (GIL) at DURSHAL for KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018. She is offering her services for KP Bureau of Statistics (KPBOS) to improve the data access for the general public.

Muhammad Kamran

Project Team: KP Private Schools Regulatory Authority

Kamran is from Peshawar and he did his masters in Computer Science from the University of Peshawar. Kamran is a professional web developer and he believes that it is not only his profession but a passion. His web career is of more than 2 years and his expertise are comprised of his skills in PHP. His grasp on PHP, javascript, and their frameworks is quiet firm. His skills are scooped up with his experience in front and back-end technologies along with html5, css3, javascript, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, angular, Sass, compass, CodeIgniter, Laravel, NodeJS and you name it. Kamran loves to play with colors and is a die-heart soccer fan.

Muhammad Muneeb Jehanzeb

Project Team: Auqaf, Hajj, Religious & Minority Affairs Department

Muhammad Muneeb Jehanzeb was born in Peshawar. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering from UET, Peshawar in 2013. He started his career with IT-Artificer in 2013 as a PHP web developer. Later, he joined US based company as a software engineer. His technical expertise are engraved with programming in MYSQL, CakePHP MVC, Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Web API. Muneeb is currently working as a full stack developer and recently became a part of KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket and keeps a keen interest in internet marketing. He loves spending time with his friends and is passionate about traveling. Muneeb is fond of reading Islamic blogs and always collects videos based on knowledge about Islam

Muhammad Shahzaib

Project Team: KP Excise and Taxation Department

Muhammad Shahzaib belongs to Peshawar and obtained his Master's degree in Computer Science from Islamia College, University of Peshawar in 2016. He started his career as an internee recruited through KP IT Board internship program to work in RAR Multibiz Services as an Android Developer. He was offered a contract by the same software house to join them as an employee. Other than his technical background he is interested to pursue his career in freelancing and enjoys working for foreign clients as an Android Developer. He has got 2 years of experience in Android Development which made him develop a number of Android applications which include Peshawar Police app, SDMS SCEP(Service Desk Management System) app, Veristamp app, Field Monitoring & Attendance Monitoring app, Hotel Watch CCP(Capital City Police) Peshawar app. Apart from this, he likes to watch movies and spends his spare time playing games. He is passionate about learning new technologies in Android Development.. Muhammad Shahzaib has started working as a fellow recently in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program and is working as an Android Developer.

Muhammad Waqar

Project Team: DSU

Muhammad Waqar belongs to Tarkha, a small village near Distt Nowshera. He got graduated from Abbottabad Campus of UET Peshawar with a degree in Electronics Engineering in 2017. Along with a professional degree he is known to be a successful top seller as a Graphic designer on Fiverr with more than 200 successful projects and 150+ positive reviews. Besides his professional career, he has got great interest in Social Sciences and Pakistan's political environment. He is passionate about studying English literature and spends his spare time watching sports and Movies. He calls himself a humanist and dreams to work for the betterment of society to solve different social problems which include Women's Education and empowerment and providing a platform for students, talented yet underprivileged.


Project Team: Auqaf, Hajj, Religious & Minority Affairs Department

Naqeeb Ullah belongs to Peshawar. He completed his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IBMS, Agriculture University, Peshawar. He took an early career start towards his professional life while being a student, developing websites for different clients. His expertise lies in the front and back-end web development. He is passionate about working in Php, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript and Ajax. Naqeeb is equipped to work with API consumption and works well with different SDKs. He is a hardcore fitness enthusiast and loves to workout at the gym which lets him take a break from heavy work schedule and relax his mind. Naqeeb has recently been selected in the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018 as a Fellow to work on the digitization of the records of the minorities and the distribution of the grants amongst the ethnic communities in KP.

Naveed Ali

Project Team: KP Bureau of Statistics

Naveed Ali is a Full Stack Web Developer graduated From UET Mardan. He has an experience of more than 2 years in Laravel Framework. His other expertise includes front-end development in Angular2 and React.js. He has been a full-time Freelancer and completed many freelance projects. He started working as an internee with Smart Baba Web Design and Development and then was offered to work for a contract based project. In addition to this Naveed is a wanderer, he loves traveling and always explores new destinations. Naveed is passionate about coding and enjoys playing with logic and problem statements. Naveed is a football lover and is supporting France in fifa 2018.


Project Team: DSU

Rafi Ullah belongs to Dir(L), a beautiful district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He received his bachelor's degree in software engineering and is serving as a software engineer from 2017. Rafi believes that software can be a dynamic source to build a better world. He loves developing applications to make cities more smart, viable, beautiful and easier to live in. He has been working as an iOS Developer for the last 2 years. Rafi loves to play cricket and invests his time learning new technologies.

Sabih Hassan

Project Team: KP Bureau of Statistics

Sabih Hassan is a tech lover and hales from Peshawar. He is a Graphic Designer by profession. Sabih graduated with Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Engineering and Technology, UET Peshawar. He is having an inclusive experience of 2 years in Graphic Designing. He has been a part of various projects at the Directorate of Information Technology (DOIT) and Pakistan software export board as an intern. Sabih is passionate about photography and he loves traveling. Fast food is his weakness, and he is always up to explore something new.

Sajid Shah

Project Team: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority

Syed Sajid Shah belongs to Sardar Garhi, Peshawar City. He graduated from Computer Science Department, University of Peshawar in 2016. He started his career as a Computer Programmer and worked as .NET programmer till now. His curiosity as a programmer brought him to join software houses and worked in the field for one and a half years. He worked with different organizations like IT Intellisense and Developed Web API for Restaurant Management System. Additionally, he gained an experience of developing a University Clearance System. Currently, he has joined KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program 2018 as a .NET Developer.

Salman Iqbal

Project Team: DSU

Salman Iqbal hales from Swat and is basically a full stack developer by profession. Salman graduated from University of Swat with 2 years of experience using open source technologies. Salman’s professional background includes his expertise as Front-end and Back-end developer. He has worked with different organizations, including Parexons, The Nerd Camp and Techease Solutions. He is quite known for creating custom API’S, LARAVEL, CODEIGNITER, PHP, BOOTSTRAP, CSS, HTML. Salman has a unique nature of communicating with clients face to face which makes him understand the requirements easily and get an insight of client’s nature. Salman loves to play cricket and invests his time in learning new technologies.

Sumaira Idrees

Project Team: Directorate of Human Rights

Sumaira belongs to Peshawar, having her Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences from Islamia College Peshawar. She is an android developer and provides training to different individuals in the field of Android development with a touch of graphic designing. She believes that, if you share your knowledge with someone, you will get more in the same way. Sumaira loves her profession and is equally passionate about Android development. She considers herself blessed to serve the community by delivering lectures and training her subordinates regarding tech. Sumaira is a super quick learner and a great team player, always trying to learn new things and enhance her skills in her free time.

Ulfat Ayaz

Project Team: KP Private Schools Regulatory Authority

Ulfat Ayaz Ahmad belongs to Swabi, and graduated from Abasyn University as Software Engineer. She is having a vast working background as web/graphic designer. Ulfat is a keen learner and always strives for greater opportunities. She is super tolerant and welcomes constructive criticism for performing in a better way. She loves to cook and her favorite sport is soccer. Apart from her technical background, she bears a great passion for interior designing as well. Ulfat has a keen interest in history and is always in search of historical books.

Zeenat Bibi

Project Team: KP Private Schools Regulatory Authority

Zeenat Bibi hales from Peshawar. She has done her bachelors in Software Engineering from City University of Science and Information Technology. For the past 4 years, she has been working as an Android developer and appeared to be a trainer for young android developers in her zone. Zeenat loves to learn and teach at the same time and that is why she has a great command on her skills. She is passionate to take challenges, and her way of thinking makes her different from everyone as she takes both success and failure In a balanced manner. Zeenat gives equal time to herself cherishing her hobbies by book reading, cooking for her loved ones and playing table tennis.

The Managers

We are so happy to have 3 of our own Alumni leading the Fellowship this time.

Product Manager