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Interview with Muhammad Younas

Interview with Muhammad Younas

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: Hi, I am Muhammad Younas from village Azeem Abad Shakar, Charsadda. I have a BS degree in Computer Science from Bacha Khan University Charsadda. My favourite subjects during university were Programming, Compiler Construction, OS and Computer Networks. I have gained one year of work of experience as a Web Developer in RAR Multibiz Services.


Q: How has your education prepared you for your role as a KP Government Innovation Fellow?

A: I feel that I am well prepared for real-life situations and jobs. Difficult courses have taught me exceptional critical-thinking skills and that the answers will not always be easy. I have learned how to solve complex problems and high-quality results take hard work. My internships have also given me the opportunity to experience situations first hand and taught me how to come up with the best solutions.


Q: Why did you choose software engineering? 

A: It was by chance. I wanted to apply for Physics but there was no Physics department at the time when I applied to my university so I opted for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


Q: Walk us through your resume.

A: I have a year and a half experience in applied advanced understanding of behaviour and capabilities of PHP as well as front-end technologies, as well as building web applications aligned to customer’s services by using HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, Codeigniter, Web API (REST) and JavaScript (AXIOS Http, Vanilla js, JQuery, Fetch API). Currently, I am working as a KP Government Innovation Fellow, as a PHP Developer.


Q: How do you think your previous managers/coworkers would describe working with you?

A: My coworkers would describe me as organized, and someone who works well under pressure. My colleagues have told me that they value my reliability, punctuality and analytical mindset. I always work to manage my time effectively.


Q:  If Younas Khan had not been a web developer, what would he be doing right now?

A: I think I would be a school teacher. 


Q: What has been your biggest challenge with web developing technology and how did you resolve it?

A: My biggest challenge as a web developer has always been learning new technologies. Now I’m learning Vue.js but I have a lot of work to do. I try to spend a few hours learning it on weekends.


Q: Were you keen to be selected in the KP Fellowship Program or did you just apply casually scrolling through the web?

A: The KP Government Innovation Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity. I had heard about it from one of my senior developers so applied for it. I am learning a lot of new skills and techniques. Also, I have joined the Fellowship Program to enhance my technical and communication skills. In the Fellowship Program, I have been assigned to work with the Private Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA) and KP Traffic Police.


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