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Interview with Shah Hassan

Interview with Shah Hassan

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Hello, I am Shah Hassan from the land of brave and hospitable people, North Waziristan. I am a Computer Scientist from Agriculture University, Peshawar. I have worked for two years as a Data Scientist in the following organizations; Center of Information Technology, Rural Incubation Center, and E-Pakistan (NGO).


Q: How has your education prepared you for this job?

A: I completed an undergraduate degree in computer science in 2018, and since then I have worked at a number of organizations as a data scientist, data analyst, and AI Python developer.


Q: If I were to poll everyone you’ve worked with, what percentage would not be a fan of yours?

A: I’d say, 98 percent. 


Q: Tell me about your proudest professional achievement. 

A: When I completed my Bachelor’s degree; I got an opportunity to develop a chatbot for the UN; also when I cleared the Cisco exam for Python certification.


Q: What are the three technical skills or traits you wish you had?

A: Python data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and Power BI analytics.


Q: How did you come to know about the KP Government Innovation Fellowship program?

A: From KPITB’s social media pages.


Q: Which project did you work on during your Fellowship? How did it help you build your professional capacity?

A: I was part of the team which worked on the Integrated Performance Management System. We worked on COVID-19 patient data analysis, creating insights, and generating daily situational reports. The project helped me improve my research and data analysis skills.


Q: In a few words, describe what skills and knowledge you can bring to our team.

A: In previous jobs, I have worked on SDGs, chatbot development, data analysis, Python development for AI, and I bring all of this with me to the Fellowship.


Q: What do Fellows say is your best quality?

A: Good communication, friendly, and helpful to others. 


Q: What do you feel about the environment here, would you recommend any improvements?

A: Being part of the Fellowship was a great experience. Due to Covid-19, we worked remotely. Everyone worked in unusual circumstances amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite these challenges, it was a great experience and a wonderful work environment. 


Q: What role have other Fellows and mentors played in guiding you?

A: They have helped develop teamwork and leadership skills.


Q: Are you more of a leader or a follower?

A: Leader.



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