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February 8, 2016

The 2015-2016 KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program

After the first successful batch of KP Civic Innovation Fellows, the second cohort of Fellows has achieved even greater success in improving the way government works in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Let us introduce you to the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program, its 2015 Fellows, and what’s been happening in the last 6 months.
April 28, 2015

Sabeen Mahmud’s Legacy

Some of you might remember that before there was a Code for Pakistan, there was the Karachi Civic Hackathon at T2F in April 2013. Sabeen was the first person to believe in and throw her support behind Code for Pakistan, without whom we likely would not exist. She inspired us every day and made the world a much better place. Here Sheba Najmi recounts Sabeen’s legacy and […]