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Digitization of Funds Disbursements for Benevolent Fund Cell

Digitization of Funds Disbursements for Benevolent Fund Cell

Benevolent Fund Cell

The Benevolent Fund Cell, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is working for the welfare of serving / retired provincial government employees and their families across the province under the KP Benevolent Fund provision Ordinance 1972. 

Previously the department was using manual processes for disbursement of funds, which was slow and wasted a lot of time for applicants (govt employee/family members) and BFC employees in selection/verification of genuine cases. Moreover, the BFC sections at district offices and civil secretariat fed data manually. There was no two-way quick communication platform between the district-civil secretariat office and BFC main office. The department needed an online solution for better communication, enhanced data integrity, avoiding duplicate entries, and generating quick reports for decision making.

The Fellowship team worked with the department to digitize the workflows and processes in the department. The team developed an online solution that will enable better communication, data integrity, and identification of duplicate entries to enhance the department’s performance and efficiency in processing applications and disbursement of funds.

Features were added to facilitate application tracking and quick reporting for real-time decision making. The end goal was to improve this process for both applicants and BFC staff to ensure swift processing of applications, ensuring timely disbursement of funds to applicants in need of financial support.

Expected Impact: 

The digital system will help ensure proper monitoring of the system to prevent duplication of records; it will help bring transparency in the disbursement of grants to deserving applicants and save time by facilitating proper communication between district offices and the main BFC office.


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