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Generic Invoice Management System

Generic Invoice Management System

The most depressing economic statistic that is being churned out repetitively in Pakistan is the number of taxpayers. Time and again, we as citizens embarrass the government doing our nation a huge disfavor.

Only 0.6 percent of the population pays taxes in Pakistan, as against only 0.2 percent of these pay service taxes charged from customers while running their businesses. We thought of doing something innovative and ended up initiating an invoice management system to facilitate the government in order to receive and get hold of the service taxes charged. The team has developed a generic Invoice Management System for the department and the department will be able to regularize service taxes from the restaurants.

We would like to thank KPIT Board at this moment to consider this issue and helped us in getting designed a great project by the Fellows from Government Innovation Fellowship Program. I am sure that each of these projects would become an element of change throughout the KP.

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