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KP Excise Motor Vehicle Seizure and Confiscation System

KP Excise Motor Vehicle Seizure and Confiscation System

Corruption is a significant obstacle to major offices in Pakistan, and every workplace should expect to regularly encounter bribery or other corrupt practices. Corruption is rampant in all sectors and institutions. The Pakistani Penal Code applies to individuals and makes it illegal to We really admit that Pakistan is yet taking some steps forward to guarantee integrity in state bodies and still in process to prevent corruption despite a sound legal framework. The government is making lawful strategies to implement anti-corruption laws effectively and officials engaged in corruption with impunity.

Department of Excise and Taxation has always been facing issues regarding the vehicle seizure process as it was very complicated and difficult to monitor. Getting into the discussion with KPIT Board, we ended up decided to give this task as a project to the fellows of KP Government Innovation fellowship program.

The major aim of conducting this project was to make sure that all the system gets digitized in a proper flow and to remove the corruption done while vehicle seizure and confiscation. This system was designed to freeze the internal corruption of the department and monitor the warehouse management system along with the vehicles that they seized. After assigning this project to the fellows at Government Innovation Lab we named this as  Excise Motor Vehicle Seize and Confiscation. It is completely based on android and web based applications being developed for the Excise and Taxation Department for the purpose of seize and confiscation of the reported vehicles. We are really thankful to KPIT Board and their partners who made us achieve this stage of countering corruption and bring change in KP in a real manner. Also , how can we forget the struggles of the fellows who have been with us throughout the 3 months and strived to make this project a success as if it’s their own. We are looking forward to receive more outcomes from this pattern of Fellowship and Government Innovation Fellowship.

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