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Record Digitization

Record Digitization

By Nazim ud Din

From Dots to bits

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a game changer in our region. CPEC will create enormous opportunities and responsibilities in public and private entities. Pakistan needs to improve its infrastructure to gain benefits from this $62 Billion project. No government can improve its infrastructure and economy without improving its Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. Every government department needs upgradation via ICT projects. CPEC will open business opportunities at a mega scale. It means new companies and firms will open up in the coming years, and the government will need to facilitate these new organizations.

Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (DoIC) deals with firms, societies/NGOS and seminaries (madrassa) registration. This directorate is least computerized and has very limited IT literate employees. Piles of manual files are placed in a very poorly maintained record room.

The KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program has developed a computer software program for DoIC to computerize their manual record. This will speed up the registration process and will make it easy for DoIC employees to search and sort information about any firm/society/NGO and/or madrassa. Many other government departments need information regarding firms, societies, NGOs and madrassas, and it becomes a painful task for DoIC employees to search and sort through thousands of files manually.

Apart from enabling the department to easily update or remove an organization’s information, the system will also be providing the department with one click reports containing all the necessary information about a specific organization. These reports have been categorized into different classes which will help the department gather quarterly, half yearly and yearly information on the number of organizations registered, closed or updated.

This system has already been deployed and has helped the department minimize the time required to search for specific information from 3 days to just a click of a button.

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