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KP Tourism – Website Revamp

KP Tourism – Website Revamp

By Aizaz Ahmad

Promoting Tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Tourism has been one of the main sources of income generation in KPK for many years. People visit and explore the northern and southern regions of KP from all over Pakistan during their vacations. Unfortunately however, they face a hard time in discovering and exploring the beautiful areas of KP due to inadequate information.

First of all, people coming from outside KP get confused when deciding where to go and what to explore because there aren’t many online resources available for a citizen to explore KP and plan their tours accordingly.

Secondly, even if they have made up their mind about where to visit, most of them face other problems such as getting lost during their trips, getting wrong information about a place through online maps, incomplete/incorrect directions, unavailability of information regarding famous places/activities and trekking paths, places to stay and eat and other essential information/things to keep in mind before going to KP.

The Tourism Corporation of KP decided to enhance their online experience and grab the opportunity provided by the KP IT Board, Code for Pakistan and the World bank in the form of the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship Program 2017. A team of four Fellows, including Web Developers and UI/Graphic Designers, were given the task to improve the online experience of TCKP.

In order to minimize the difficulties people face while planning their tours online, the team designed an interactive web based application where people can easily get information on sight-seeing spots in northern and southern regions of KP. This app also highlights famous places and activities and any other kind of information that could be helpful for tourists- be it locating restaurants, hotels, emergency services, entertainment spots, famous sights, interactive maps or trekking paths- and a lot more, all in a user-friendly interface.

The project allows tourists to plan their tours, get the right information, decide which routes to take to their destination, select tourist sights to visit and discover new places, all with just a few clicks. The website is likely to go live before the end of 2017.

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