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Political system in Pakistan is characterized by low transparency and weak accountability, especially in terms of having effective and functional accountability mechanisms that are rooted in civil society and democratic processes. People in electoral constituencies are generally unaware of their legal rights, and lack organizational and technical resources to make their representatives and governments (i.e. local, provincial and national) accountable. Furthermore, they are not aware of the role and responsibilities of the legislators, therefore the citizens often vote based on issues which don’t really fall in the legislators ambit, like construction of bridges, roads, and water channels. On the other hand with individuals lacking the capacity to making elected representatives accountable, these representatives then tend to stray from their core responsibilities.

Furthermore, in Pakistan, MPAs consider their work in constituencies to be more important than their purely parliamentary functions. In Pakistan, the parliaments have set aside portions of the state budget for financing public socio-economic development projects that are managed or overseen by MPAs/MNAs.

It should further be noted that in 2015, the KP Assembly even tried to pass a law which would have made the Assembly exempt from the ambit of Right to Information legislation. This would have meant that nobody would have the backing of the law in terms of monitoring the performance of elected representatives. However, this move was averted with the advocacy campaigning of the civil society. As of right now, all elected members of the KP Provincial should provide information under the KP RTI Act 2013. This law is a very useful tool in terms of quantifying the performance of legislators. In fact, around the world Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations with the help of legislation on accessing information, gather data on legislators and empower the public to make elected representatives more accountable.

In this regard, the purpose of this website has been to make elected representatives more accountable by monitoring their legislative performance in the form of a legislative performance scorecard. KP Right to Information Act 2013 was used to get all the required information in order to analyse performance of legislators.

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