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Mustahiq app for Zakat and Social Welfare Department

Mustahiq app for Zakat and Social Welfare Department

Mustahiq app

The Department of Zakat, Ushr, Social Welfare, Special Education & Women Empowerment, KP  is mandated to look after various marginalized segments of the population. The department was struggling with outreach and discoverability of welfare schemes that weren’t reaching the target beneficiaries. The Fellowship team developed the Mustahiq app for the department, which is an informational app where information regarding various zakat and welfare schemes is readily available in native languages like Urdu and Pashto. Moreover, information regarding district zakat officers is also added in the app, where users can quickly contact their district representatives for assistance and acquiring information.

The app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

The salient features of the app are: 

  • A user-friendly and simple interface
  • Brief information about various Zakat schemes in English and local languages (Urdu & Pashto)
  • The public can easily find the location of hospitals and designated zakat focal person in the hospitals
  • Contact details of district zakat officers and district zakat chairman are easily available along with office locations on a map
  • Users can easily know about various financial support schemes run by the department
  • User can easily download all scheme forms using this app
  • Users can find district information and local zakat communities information along with their zakat officers’ details and map locations

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