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PSRA Complaint System

PSRA Complaint System

Private School Regulatory Authority (PSRA) is working as a part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department with a motive to design uniform curricula according to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa scheme of studies; regulate the duration of academic session and holidays or vacations, to regulate the rate of fee being charged by private educational institutions, keep a check and balance on the qualification and trainings of teaching staff, their terms and conditions of service, including salaries and its mode of payment.

Our main objective is the achievement of a fair measure of uniformity of academic standards and evaluation among private educational institutions and supporting them in providing quality education including the capacity building of teachers.

As the population has increased with a great margin, and the private schools have spread wide to entertain the public needs of being educated from a private institution and the concerns for quality control have become our priority for now.

The rights which your child enjoys as a student in public school are not necessarily the same when they attend private school. That's because everything pertaining to your stay at private school is violated sometimes by the school authority. Whether that is with regard to the fee structure or the quality of services in Education. To counter this pain point, Private School Regulatory Authority planned to introduce an application with the help of fellows from Government Innovation Fellowship Program, to provide an easy and handy compliant system to enable the parents to get hold of their grievances. This application would feature the services to keep a record of the Complaint status. There are 5 categories developed to facilitate the guardians regarding their issues against private school systems, containing:

  • Transport issues
  • Fee Structure, Concession, and increase
  • Salary issues of the staff
  • Vacations.
We are indebted to KPIT Board to made us have such a useful collaboration that is going to serve generations after generations. Not only this but we expect to have great collaborations in the future as well.

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