Rah-e-Sakoon | Augmented Reality Based Navigation System

Rah-e-Sakoon | Augmented Reality Based Navigation System


Community mobilization through civic tech is a central theme of the Fellowship Program. The community-focused project Rah-E-Sukoon was taken up by the Fellows of the 5th cycle to develop an Augmented Reality Based Indoor Navigation System for Hospitals.

The app was developed to facilitate the citizens of Peshawar, and patients visiting Hospitals of Peshawar from remote areas to help them find their way through the hospital facilities and reach on time.

The app lets users navigate the Hospitals of KP by using their smartphone cameras. The app gives turn by turn direction so that patients can easily navigate the hospital, reaching the clinic or lab on time. The app uses signs and guiding arrows so that the language barrier can be crossed and help facilitate visitors who can’t understand signboards.

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