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Safa Pekhawar

Safa Pekhawar

By Usman Jalal

Making Peshawar Cleaner and Proud!

The application, Safa Pekhawar makes it easy to make complaints to Water and Sanitation Services (WSSP) Peshawar with just a few clicks. The application takes pictures and automatically collects GPS coordinates from the user and sends it to Management Information System (MIS) where the department reviews the complaint and forwards it to the relevant zonal office. This application has made the process much faster as compared to earlier when complaint submissions was completely manual and required much more time consuming.

The web dashboard of the application shows a heat map of complaints which helps in identifying the most polluted area of Peshawar. By analyzing the heat map WSSP can make better plans for the most polluted locations by allocating more resources there.

Moreover the application provides an additional feature to the public for tracking the complaint status. It makes the process more transparent by letting the public know when their complaint is reviewed, when it is forwarded to the zonal office and when it is completed. The feedback and customer care departments have access to see the whole process where they can evaluate the efficiency of their on ground teams.

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