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Job Opening: Impact Analysis and M&E Associate

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Published: 3 May 2023


Job Title Impact Analysis and M&E Associate   Reports to PM and Services Lead
Department All Program Pillars   Location Islamabad
Type of Position Full Time   Travel Required Limited
Level/Grade Independent Contributor      


About Us

Code for Pakistan is a not for profit civic tech-focused project of the Foundation for Civic Tech registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, and we are affiliated with the international Code for All network.

We envision a government that works for everyone, seamlessly; our mission is to harness the power of people and technology to build a better, citizen-centered government for everyone. Thus, we bring the government and the citizens together in a participatory process of governance.

Our civic tech platform is powered by a community of passionate, skilled professionals and students, as well as government, academia, tech industry and corporate partners driven by a strong belief in civic innovation and social impact that can move Pakistan forward in measurable and meaningful ways.

In 2023, Code for Pakistan celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful operations in Pakistan. During this time we have managed and delivered 8 cycles of the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program, 2 cycles of the KP Women Civic Digital Internship Program, as well as several civic engagement events such as Civic Hackathons (in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad), which have led to startups like Savaree. We have also delivered several open source-based digital solutions which address specific needs amongst the community. Finally, we have recently launched CfP Academy which offers learning programs to help people in the community, government, academia, and local industries to develop tech and related skills.

Think about your last time stuck in traffic, or getting your National ID Card renewed....Ever had to go to the police station? Visited a ghost government school? What about spending untold hours with no electricity thanks to load-shedding?

No one wants to spend countless hours in traffic or wait in that interminable CNG line. Or pretty much have anything to do with public services, if they can help it. What if interacting with public services wasn’t so painful? What if every trip was a positive, easy experience?

Enter the world of civic hacking. The good kind of hacking. It’s the empowerment of citizens to create solutions themselves. It’s the opportunity to improve civic services that impact millions of lives. And it goes hand-in-hand with Government 2.0.


Description of Role

This is a high energy role to participate in and ensure the delivery of high impact projects for both public and private organizations. The candidate will be responsible for impact analysis for all projects/programs, and for developing the monitoring and evaluation plan for the same, the M&E log frame as well as monitoring the progress made by the project(s)/program(s) on an annual basis. An exception will be Government of KP projects where the Impact Analysis and M&E Associate will support the Government Liaison and M&E Associate where necessary.

The ideal candidate must be a DOER - passionate about improving the lives of citizens in Pakistan by making certain the solutions and services provided to them are up to the mark. The candidate’s primary tasks will be:

●  Achieve SMART Objectives as agreed with the PM and Services Lead, fulfilling relevant, measurable KPIs against each.

●  Support the PM and Services Lead in selected projects through M&E, Impact Analysis and Project Coordination.

●  Conduct research and gather data on the proposed project(s)/program(s), including its goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.

●  Devise new frameworks for effective M&E and impact assessment of a project(s)/program(s).

●  Uphold the quality of project(s)/program(s) delivery, ensuring timely corrections through sharing feedback and insights into program/project.

●  Identifying the potential impacts of the project(s)/program(s) on the organization, stakeholders, and the environment.

●  Establish regular communication with different program stakeholders, develop impact assessment reports, present findings and recommendations to stakeholders and decision makers and incorporate their feedback within the project(s)/program(s).

● Collaborate with other teams to ensure that the impact analysis is comprehensive and accurate.

●  Develop and maintain documentation on completed and ongoing projects.

●  Improve, execute, and effectively communicate significant analyses that identify meaningful trends and opportunities across the organization.

●  Participate in meetings regularly with the team leads to assess issues and to identify and implement improvements for more-efficient operations.

●  Establish reporting mechanisms and feedback loops for timely identification and rectification of misaligned delivery of project(s)/program(s) KPIs.

●  Support project teams by proposing corrective interventions for effective program delivery to accomplish impact targets and goals.

●  Develop actionable roadmaps for improving workflows and processes and work on standardisation of M&E methodology and practices to make them closely aligned with local and global best practices.


Core Competencies

●  Organization skills: You create processes and document *everything*.

●  Strong communication skills: Your interactions with all stakeholders are clear and drive positive results.

●  Self-directed: Able to make decisions on your own, to proactively drive products forward.

●  Self-motivated: You set your own targets and follow up with others to ensure their targets are met.

●  Impact-driven: You have a strong desire and passion to make an impact in Pakistani society.

●  Proactive and Action-focused: You get things done and have consistently proven so. You’re the kind of person who, once you say you will do something, you will do it on time and well, and no one needs to follow up to remind you.

●  Tech-savvy: You have a demonstrated interest and experience in the application of technology for solving real-world problems.


Experience and Qualification

●  A Bachelor's degree in Social Data Analytics, Data Science, M&E, or a related field such as Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Computer Sciences.

●  Minimum of 2 years of experience in a relevant field, such as data analysis, program/project management, M&E, and data science.

● Strong project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.

●  Have familiarity with Logical Framework and Theory of Change for effective measuring on project effectiveness.

●  Familiarity with the latest trends and in-demand skills related to computer sciences and information technology.

●  A strong commitment to using technology for social good.


How to Apply

Please apply with:

●  A cover letter that explains your interest in the role and your ideas for furthering Code for Pakistan,

●  your resume, and

●  a link to your LinkedIn profile

by emailing:

Deadline to Apply: 25th May, 2023