Core Team Members

Core Team Member

Syed Basit

CIL Manager

Basit is a technology entrepreneur and is the CEO at Eccentrica Technologies. His background is in software engineering and web development. He is the Manager of the Lahore Civic Innovation Lab.

Core Team Member

Mehreen Omer

Community Organizer

Mehreen is a digital media scientist and a technology buff. She handles the social media marketing and website management for the Lahore Civic Innovation Lab.

Core Team Member

Shakeel Tariq

Delivery Lead

Shakeel is the Founder of Valorsoft, with many years of experience in the software industry including extensive experience in project management. He is the delivery lead for the Lab, facilitating developer and technical projects under the Lab.

Core Team Member


Creative Lead

Sabah is the creative lead behind all of the Lab’s communications. With over 10 years of experience in graphic, web, and mobile design, he is the design guru for civic innovation.