Aamir Khan
Amir Khan belongs to Waziristan. Because of a scarcity of educational resources in his hometown, he decided to pursue higher education in Peshawar. Even though it was challenging for him to obtain higher education, his strong resolve and hard work resulted in him receiving an HEC need-based scholarship for admission. He decided to pursue a degree in computer science, as not many people in his community pursued this career. His aim was to become a computer science professional and become an advocate for it promoting students in his hometown of Waziristan to pursue this career path as he strongly felt his community has been left out from this amazing field. Aamir is of the view that the most effective method of bringing about peace and change is to educate people, and believes that his education in computer sciences will contribute to this effort. He aspires to continue his education and step into the social sector allowing him to contribute to the advancement of prosperity of his community and others around him. Aside from academic interests, he was involved in a variety of social and cultural activities with the purpose of personal growth and service to humanity. He is also currently a member of a couple of charitable organisations, including IM|Volunteer and Ex-Fata Welfare Organization. He received his Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree from the Institute of Management Sciences (IM|Sciences) in 2016. After graduation he worked as a web developer for a software company in Deans. In addition to that he was chosen for a paid internship with the KPIT Board. He found out about the Fellowship Program through a friend and decided to apply for the program. He was selected in the Fellowship program as a front end developer and is working with the Halal Food Authority. Aamir enjoys traveling, volunteering, community service and doing charitable work.