Build A Community

A Code for Pakistan Civic Innovation Lab is a group of volunteers who meet regularly to collaborate with government, non-profits and media organization on technology, data, policy and design projects that strengthen their communities.

Every lab is led by a lab Manager who is responsible for building the community and maintaining the relationship between the Lab and the local partners. Lab members meet at least monthly; most CIL meet with greater frequency and have a range of monthly programming. All Labs are connected through an online forum in order to share stories and support each other’s work. Labs are also closely coordinated with Code for Pakistan’s other programs: the Fellowship, the Accelerator, and the Peer Network.

Every lab maintains a city profile document that provides a direction for respective cit lab to guide its brainstorming sessions and efforts. City profile also manages list of potential projects that can improve the life of citizens living in their cities.

City Labs collaborate with local governments, local partners and citizens to identify and prioritize action plan. Designing right solution only comes through a collaborative discussion on all stakeholders.