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Women And Tech


Women and Tech

Women and Tech aims to make women more active members in the civic technology ecosystem. Our focus is on enabling women to utilize and benefit from technology and to participate fully in civic life.

Through regular meetups, workshops, talks, and hackathons we aim to create a community of technologists and women with a focus on highlighting civic issues impacting lives of women in Pakistan (e.g security, health, education). Through trainings and skill building, Women and Tech aims to create solutions and tools that help Pakistani women, encourage civic participation, and empower them.


  • A supportive community of activists, technologists, and citizens working on creating technology based solutions to problems women face in Pakistan and encouraging their civic participation.
  • Creation of tools for women in Code for Pakistan’s civic hackathons and Civic Innovation Labs.
  • Fostering of entrepreneurial drive amongst women by training women entrepreneurs to use technology effectively in their businesses.
  • Imparting digital literacy customized to women.
  • Spreading awareness of digital security and rights.
  • Working closely with other civil society organizations and social activists.