Civic Innovation Labs is a volunteer-run effort where professionals from different backgrounds come together to design social impact projects that strengthen their communities.

Over the years CILs have worked with a number of different local government departments to help digitize local services, such as price manipulations, among others.

The CILs are a community of contributors from the public sector, non-profit and software development communities. The members come together to work on projects that improve social services delivery through digital platforms (web/mobile apps, open data initiatives). The CILs are also interested in creating interest in the open source community and increasing women’s participation in technology through training initiatives.

The core members of the CIL are known as "leads". A lead is responsible for organizing all the support and resources required to execute a specific project. Other members of the CIL (software developers, public sector experts) may either stay with the CIL for the duration of a specific project or become a regular contributor. 

Civic Innovation Labs

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