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How your support moves Pakistan forward

Just a few achievements that wouldn't have been possible without your help!

Held our biggest hackathon

We hosted the biggest hackathon in Code for Pakistan's history with over 1500 participants.

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Expanded our fellowship program

Our fellowship program grew from the provincial to the federal level, doubled in size and scope, and helped many more.

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Developed solutions for government departments

We helped digitize various government departments, including Livestock and Dairy Research, which relies heavily on data analysis to work on animal vaccines.

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Contribute through partnerships

If your organization is working towards improving the lives of citizens and you have ideas for collaborations, reach out to us. We are always willing to discuss opportunities.

Contribute by mentoring

Throughout the year, we run events and programs that require skilled professionals to come and guide the next generation of professionals.

Contribute through your skills

Code for Pakistan is primarily a citizen-led initiative where anyone can contribute to projects that enable citizens to use government services with ease and dignity.

Contribute with your resources

Every donation you make supports our work — from helping our teams conduct user research in our communities to funding and sustaining civic projects.

Spread the word and build the movement for civic tech in Pakistan.
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