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SDG Hackathon 2019
SDG Hackathon 2019

21 June 2021 — The two-and-a-half day event brought together over 150 participants; a mix of technologists, designers, urban planners, social scientists, NGOs and CSOs, and government representatives.

Technology is changing the lives of millions of Pakistanis, and you can be a part of that change.
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Civic Hackathon 2020

4 – 9 December 2020

SDG Hackathon 2019

6 – 8 December 2019

Jazz SDG Hackathon 2018

7 – 9 December 2018

SDG Hackahton 2017

19 – 20 August 2017

Islamabad Civic Hackathon 2016

16 – 17 July 2016

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