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Code for Pakistan

Our goal is to bring together civic-minded software developers to use technology to innovate in public services, by creating open source solutions to address the needs of citizens. This is an opportunity for citizens and the private sector to give back to Pakistan by engendering civic innovation.

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CfP is part of a global movement. Watch this video message from Code for America.

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Why It Matters

Civic innovation starts to reframe the relationship between local government and citizens, which is essential if the two are to live together smartly. Toward a progressive Pakistan!

Collaborative Model

Through the creation of open source technology to address civic needs, we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement, encouraging the opening of government data, and supporting innovation in the public domain.

Our Labs meet regularly to collaborate with local stakeholders (including Government, partner Non-profit Organizations, and Media Organizations) on projects that focus on how to use 21st century web and data tools to improve civic interfaces.

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