Community mobilization lies at the heart of civic tech. It is the people that, together, create the change they want to see.

Civic Hackathons

The foundation of Code for Pakistan was laid at the first hackathon organized back in 2013.

That event was attended by a number of community members whose participation ignited our civic movement. Since then, we have conducted a hackathon every year in different cities with different themes and partners.

Jazz 5G Innovation Hackathon

Leveraging the power of 5G to develop innovative solutions

Civic Hackathon 2020

Online Civic Hackathon, presented by OPEN Islamabad, and Telenor Velocity

SDG Hackathon 2019

The event brought together over 150 participants - a mix of technologists, designers, urban planners, social scientists, NGOs and CSOs, and government representatives.

Civic Innovation Labs

We support home-grown efforts by civil society to solve their own problems.

Civic Innovation Labs is a volunteer-run effort where professionals from different backgrounds come together to design social impact projects that strengthen their communities.

Over the years CILs have worked with a number of different local government departments to help digitize local services, such as price manipulations, among others.

Peshawar CIL

Peshawar Civic Innovation Lab

Karachi CIL

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab

Islamabad CIL

Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab