Welcome to the civic tech community! Our purpose is to:

  • co-create open source solutions to social problems we face every day
  • collaborate, learn from each other, help, and support each other
  • build a better today for ourselves, together

Volunteers have been critical to Code for Pakistan’s work and growth. Our organization’s top leadership, for instance, is composed of senior volunteers. 

Our community-focused volunteers collaborate on technology, data, policy, and design projects that strengthen their communities. Community members meet at a regular cadence — ideally, weekly. They are connected through an online forum (e.g. a WhatsApp group) in order to share information, learning, and project ideas, and support each other’s work. 

These projects may also include collaboration with local governments, nonprofits, and civil society organizations. We always work to build trust with our local governments.

Who can participate as a Community Volunteer?

Anyone who wants to participate in the creation of solutions that address community needs. Though most of our projects are technical, there are many roles that do not require programming skills including: design, research, community organizing, event planning, marketing, data wrangling, policy, project management, and writing. We need you!

We also value the input and expertise of government experts: so if you are a government expert, please join us to share your input as subject specialist to help guide our technologists’ team to design new innovations for public services. We need you too!

And finally, we also want citizens of all manner: as community members, we need to know how you experience public services. Participate and help us understand citizens' needs so we can create relevant solutions. Please go through our community guidelines before proceeding.

We just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started.

Please note that we will use this number to send messages and contact you. You will also use this number to participate in our chat groups. 
What is your current occupation?
On what days are you available?
And which times work best for you?
Which of the following activities most interests you?
Are you interested in a leadership/meetup organizer role?