Our internship programs are designed to support women's empowerment and inclusion in the digital economy. 

In Pakistan, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, women face significant challenges in breaking through barriers to succeed in male-dominated workspaces. Issues such as mobility constraints, remote locations, and limited agency in decision-making contribute to their struggles in securing employment. According to a World Bank report on women’s workforce participation, "85 percent of working-age women in Peshawar believe that women should work for pay, but only 7.6 percent of women can freely decide to work for pay outside the house."

Additionally, a diversity and inclusion report shared by P@SHA highlights that women make up only 16% of the workforce in Pakistan, prompting concerns and necessitating prompt responses from relevant authorities.

Recognizing these challenges, Code for Pakistan, with support from its program partners, initiated women-focused internship programs. Through these programs, women interns acquire technical skills, gaining hands-on experience working on government projects and participating in an agile development and deployment process. Our interns receive one-on-one mentorship, access to female role models, and opportunities to establish industry connections crucial for their transition into the digital workplace.

The program curriculum is tailored to empower interns for the next stage of their careers, offering a unique learning experience with blended approaches, combining online resources with practical hands-on projects. The programs also provide personalized mentorship and career counseling from industry professionals, ensuring interns receive expert guidance and support throughout their journey. Furthermore, interns have the opportunity to enhance their technical and soft skills through a comprehensive learning curriculum.

Ongoing internships

KP Women Civic Internship

Upskilling fresh graduates with technology skills

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