Our Fellowship programs bring together technology developers, designers, and researchers from the local public, domain experts from the private sector, and government entities on a single platform. This collaboration aims to improve government processes, accelerate digital transformation, and enhance citizen service delivery by leveraging technology, human-centered design processes, and collaboration.

The overarching goal of our Fellowship Programs is to harness the power of both people and technology to build a better, citizen-centered governance ecosystem that seamlessly serves everyone.  

Each year, in partnership with various government entities, we select a limited number of technology professionals and provide them with training, up-skilling, and pairing them with government departments working on public services in healthcare, crime prevention, disaster management, transportation, traffic education, etc. These departments often lack the resources to develop or improve services offered to citizens.

Our program offers technology professionals training, mentorship from industry experts, and exposure to the inner workings of the government. Most importantly, these Fellows work on government projects that create a large-scale positive impact.

The objective of each Fellowship is to develop innovative, citizen-centered digital solutions that are both sustainable and cost-effective for our government partners. These solutions are crafted using open-source technologies, with the potential to be replicated and redeployed in departments and cities with similar contexts and use cases.

Key Features

Our Fellowship Program revolves around three key features


Citizens and government working together, hand-in-hand, to solve problems


Adopting user-centric, lean, and agile development methodologies


Increasing civic engagement by creating innovative solutions in public services

Our Fellowships

Gilgit-Baltistan Fellowship

Driving innovation for the citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan

KP Fellowship

Catalyzing Digital Transformation in KP

TECH-NIH Fellowship

Innovating public sector health delivery

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