Ahmad Azfaar is Code for Pakistan's Community Associate and has a Bachelors in Journalism and Sociology. For the last ten years, he's been working with charitable organizations that have given him the experience of managing operations while working in roles such as a Project Coordinator. Azfaar has a strong interest in youth & community participation, which is why he initially joined Code for Pakistan as a Community Builder. Presently, he assists with both- Operations and Community. Having been a part of multiple Hackathons and Hack Days at Code for Pakistan, he is well-versed in the art of arranging a kickass Hackathon and planning events.

Azfaar comes with an entrepreneurial background from his time working with several startups related to the services and e-commerce sectors of Pakistan. He believes that "In Code for Pakistan's community, young people may use their abilities and benefit from the wisdom of our mentors. With the assistance of the community at Code for Pakistan, we can improve the quality of life in Pakistan."

Azfaar spends much of his free time with his motorcycle club traveling and exploring different parts of Pakistan. He is particularly drawn to lush green mountains because of the peace and seclusion that they offer.