Hassan Mehmood is a highly experienced Senior Software Developer at Code for Pakistan, specializing in Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Bi Dashboards, and Micro-services. With nine years of expertise in the field, Hassan has been instrumental in contributing to impactful projects.

During his time at Code for Pakistan, Hassan has played a vital role in the development of the Telehealth project, an innovative online doctor appointment system, and a real-time COVID-19 dashboard that provides accurate statistics for different regions of Pakistan. His creation of a chatbot for COVID-19 symptoms exemplifies his commitment to leveraging technology for public health awareness. Hassan has also made valuable contributions to the healthcare sector, particularly in the development of the HCAI app, which is designed to monitor surgical site infections. His deep understanding of the industry and unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes are evident in all of his work.

Hassan's versatility and adaptability are evident in his involvement in the Floodlight project, which played a crucial role in providing aid to flood-affected families during the 2022 floods in Pakistan. His professionalism and expertise in handling diverse projects demonstrate his proficiency as a software developer. Driven by a passion for delivering exceptional software solutions, Hassan consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence. His extensive experience, expertise, and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset to any team, contributing to the progress of every project he undertakes.

Hassan currently resides in Peshawar, Pakistan. When he is not coding for work, he can be found coding for fun or binge-watching movies. Hassan is also an avid cricket enthusiast, eagerly following the sport.