Sohail is a computer science enthusiast with a passion for software development. He comes with a strong background in programming and is skilled in languages such as JavaScript, Dart, and Python. Sohail has completed a range of programming projects, including web applications, data analysis tools, and games, which showcase his technical abilities and creativity. He is an active member of the GitHub community, where he shares his projects and contributes to open-source software. Sohail is particularly drawn to open-source development and loves solving problems using technology. He believes that technology has the power to make a positive impact on the world and is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to improve his skills as a programmer.

As Code for Pakistan's Full Stack Developer, Sohail has worked on a range of exciting tech projects. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he built a telehealth WhatsApp bot to help people get access to medical information and support remotely. Sohail has also worked on amazing apps like HCAI, which uses data to learn the spread of healthcare-associated infectious diseases in surgery patients. Through his work, Sohail is using his programming skills to create solutions that can improve people's lives.