Shahzeb, our Program Coordinator at Code for Pakistan, plays a pivotal role in bridging technology solutions with government needs, specifically through our esteemed KP Fellowship Program. His expertise in coordinating with government departments to gather software development requirements is instrumental in driving our mission forward. Shahzeb's responsibilities extend to monitoring and evaluating the progress and efficiency of the Fellowship projects, ensuring they meet our technical and managerial standards and effectively serve to connect government operations with citizens' needs. His dedication also shines through in organizing Code for Pakistan’s events in Peshawar, facilitating meaningful discussions and collaborations.

With a robust background in software development, monitoring, evaluation, and business analysis, Shahzeb has contributed significantly to public sector technology projects over the past four years. His passion for civic technology led him to impactful roles, including a key position at the Peshawar Civic Innovation Lab, where he successfully led projects to enhance government services through technology. Notable projects under his leadership include developing a POS system for the Books on Wheels initiative, digitizing forms for KP’s Public Sector Development Programme, and implementing Save the Calf/Poultry Birds distribution projects under the Prime Minister's agriculture and livestock reforms.

Shahzeb holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the Sarhad University of Science and Technology in Peshawar. His unique blend of technical prowess and dedication to civic engagement makes him a valuable asset to our team and the communities we serve.