Sheba Najmi is the Founder & Executive Director of Code for Pakistan, a non-profit that brings together government and citizens to create digital public services that are human-centered.

Code for Pakistan's accomplishments are a testament to Sheba's vision, leadership, dedication, and her ability to inspire, bring together, and enable both citizens who wish to make a difference in their communities and change agents in governments who wish to innovate. As the first civic tech organization in the country, the movement has deployed free civic applications that have a positive impact in the community, successfully activating citizens to contribute their time and skills, providing training to civic innovators, and introducing innovation to government departments via citizen-focused fellowship programs and a network of volunteers, mobilized through Code for Pakistan's Civic Innovation Labs.

Sheba is well-versed in the global paradigms of civic engagement and using technology to bridge the gap between government and citizens. Prior to founding Code for Pakistan, Sheba was a Code for America Fellow in 2012, where she led the creation of Honolulu Answers, an award-winning open source web product that has since been re-deployed in over a dozen cities around the world. She is a steering committee member of Code for All, which is the largest civic tech network in the world, and is frequently asked to speak at esteemed conferences about citizen participation in democracy and public services. In 2017, she delivered a keynote address to 200 global parliamentarians at the Ukraine Parliament.

Despite her many accomplishments, what drives Sheba is her passion to design solutions that place people at the center. Sheba has been leading user experiences for over 18 years, and began her journey as UX Lead at Yahoo! for six years before she moved on to become Senior Manager of Product Design at LinkedIn, where she was leading two talented teams of designers responsible for the LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Search. Sheba also served as Senior UX Strategist at Exygy, a digital agency in San Francisco that works with both government departments and social impact organizations to empower change-makers.

Sheba is currently the Director of User Experience (UX) & Product Design at FreeWill. She holds MS and BS degrees in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and is based in San Diego, California.