Our vision at Code for Pakistan has been the same since our founding — that everyone in Pakistan has access to inclusive, equitable, and responsive digital public services.

The Government Innovation Fellowship Program has grown remarkably in the last 6 years, thanks to meaningful partnerships with the KP IT Board and the World Bank and strong leadership from a team largely composed of ex-Fellows.

As we look back, we can see that the first couple of years of the Fellowship Program were about learning and understanding how government works and what kinds of projects are sustainable and impactful in the long term. More recently, the projects from the last couple of years of the Fellowship Program are delivering real impact and measurable value to citizens: Raabta, developed with the KP Traffic Police, has aided 335k users and saved 3,864 government hours since January 2017. A system for the KP Private Schools Regulatory Authority has registered 8,203 schools in 18 months, saving 6,264 hours. 

As part of the team’s bar of quality and rigor that keeps rising, our rigor in measurement has increased, and we're very proud of the Fellowship management team and the Fellows for the incredible work they’re doing to improve citizens’ lives.

Thank you for believing in us and being an integral part of our journey.