At Code for Pakistan, we all know how impressive our Fellows are. Just when we think our alumni have done it all in terms of giving back to the community, we hear from several more about how they have gone on to build incredible products, successfully pursued entrepreneurship, or have transitioned into newer, better careers.

With the expansion of Code for Pakistan's Fellowship Program, lately there have been plenty of new faces around and we felt the need to build a strong network that allowed old and new fellows to meet and get to know each other, while sharing experiences and key learning from their work.

On Sunday, 14th August, we arranged Code for Pakistan's first ever alumni networking event which was held at The Nerd Camp, Peshawar. The event gathered a total of 12 alumni out of the 2 batches of 30 graduated Fellows. As it was the first ever meet up between the 2 batches, the main purpose of the event was to introduce both batches to each other and update peers about the respective projects each Fellow had pursued during the Fellowship Program. Fellows also shared the current status of these projects.

As the evening progressed the Fellows, whose projects were not deployed by their respective government departments, identified the obstacles they had faced in the way of implementation. The Fellows also discussed how they could help the upcoming 3rd batch by sharing their experiences so that the same mistakes were not repeated. All the Fellows agreed to volunteer and share their domain of expertise with the 3rd batch of Fellows once the Fellowship Cycle began.

Towards the end of the meet up, the Fellows put forward their suggestions on what they would like to see and hear in the next meet up. The agenda for the next meet up included creation of a roadmap for the 3rd batch, compiling a list of technology and business enthusiasts who would deliver different workshops to the Fellows and compiling a list of potential mentors for them. The constructive discussion ended with some delicious pizzas, drinks and by cutting an Independence Day cake.

All in all, it was an evening well spent with lots of food, drinks and a very productive conversation. It was a great way for everyone to share experiences, identify solutions to the various obstacles faced and establish new friendships. It was also a great way to celebrate the Independence Day, with the Fellows engaged in practical discussions regarding how to help strengthen and develop Pakistan.