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Mapping Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation

Published: 6 April 2021

Mapping Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation


  • One containing the details of the number of plantations as well as their coordinates.
  • While the other only contained the coordinates (without the number of trees planted).


  1. Adding more data: There are other reports like WWF Monitoring of Billion Trees Tsunami Afforestation Phase 1 which can be used to gather more insights. This can include gathering the complete data, including location, number of trees, type of plantation, and cost, etc.
  2. Proof of Concept (POC): Using this as a proof of concept and sharing it with the Ministry of Climate Change to make this BTAP more transparent. The same technology can also be handed over to WWF or similar organizations who are working with the government to monitor this project so that they can use it for their future reports.
  3. Timeline of the data: This PoC can also be used to constantly monitor the growth of plantations at the specified locations. e.g: taking snapshots after each quarter to observe the development over time.
  4. Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme: The Government has also expanded the scope of the project from KP (Billion Trees Tsunami) to the national level (Ten Billion Trees Tsunami). This data can also be incorporated to show the national level coverage of the plantation carried out during this program.