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About Code for Pakistan

About Code for Pakistan

Code for Pakistan is a non-partisan, non-political organization. It is an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) California not-for-profit corporation, Tech for Change, EIN# 47-1458866. Your donation to Code for Pakistan is tax-deductible.

Code for Pakistan

We’re a non-profit building a non-partisan civic innovation ecosystem to improve quality of life across Pakistan.

We believe that digital technology, when used correctly, can both improve governance and open new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.

Through the creation of open source technology to address civic needs, we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement, encouraging the opening of government data, and supporting innovation in the public domain.


Trust in civic institutions is eroding, and too many of our fellow citizens view government as bureaucratic, corrupt, and inefficient -- or worse, as something that stifles progress rather than as a potential force for good.

Collaboration between citizen tech developers and domain experts in local governments can address civic needs and enhance civic life. This starts to reframe the relationship between local government and citizens, which is essential if the two are to live together smartly. Toward a progressive Pakistan!

Open Data

Collaboration with governments to open up data, crowdsource data collection, and build useful apps for citizens on top of that data.

Civic Innovation Labs

Local “CIL” volunteers meet regularly to collaborate on technology projects to improve their communities as part of the global Code for All network.

Fellows Program

6-month mentored fellowships enabling coders, designers, community organizers to work alongside domain experts in governments and NGOs to build and deploy apps.

Civic Hackathons

Events that spark civic engagement, bring software designers and developers together to solve their communities’ needs, and show what’s possible using tech.

Women In Tech

Code for Pakistan provides a concerted outreach campaign, a supportive environment, and opportunities for junior women developers and designers.

Open Source Apps

Citizen-focused Web, Mobile, and SMS applications that improve civic services and information access in Education, Health, Public Safety, Transportation, etc

Our Values


How do you want your neighborhood to be improved? Do you have any ideas you'd like to work on? Discuss with us and, if selected, we'll work on them together. Also, join our newsletter to stay updated on the CIL events in your city!

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