The 5G Innovation Hackathon is a collaborative initiative between Jazz and National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), in partnership with the National IT Board and Code for Pakistan (CfP). This hackathon aims to leverage the power of 5G and other cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative solutions addressing critical challenges in Pakistan's healthcare, education, disaster management and climate change, agriculture, and industrial sectors.

The 5G test bed available at the 5G Innovation Lab at SINES, NUST, provides an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize research and development across numerous domains in Pakistan.

The primary objectives of the 5G Innovation Hackathon are to:

  • Bring together talented individuals, innovators, and problem solvers to leverage the power of 5G technology and develop groundbreaking solutions addressing critical challenges in Pakistan's specific use cases.
  • Showcase the potential of 5G technology and its impact on various sectors, including Health, Education, Disaster Management and Climate Change, AgriTech, and Industry 4.0.
  • Facilitate collaboration between industry professionals, researchers, and students to foster a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, and practical exposure.
  • Provide support for project development through prototyping and project funding, enabling the transformation of innovative ideas into tangible solutions.
  • Highlight the importance of establishing a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation, investment, and regulatory frameworks aligned with the potential of 5G technology.

In addition to the previously mentioned objectives, a key goal of the 5G Innovation Hackathon is to develop and showcase use cases that can inform policy decisions related to the deployment and utilization of 5G technology in Pakistan. These use cases will serve as real-world examples of the potential benefits and challenges associated with 5G technology.



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